Çalışkan Ticaret. in 1981 as bolt, nut, washer and so on. We have taken our first step in galvanizing sector by galvanizing small parts such as. The widespread use of galvanized products in our country and the fact that galvanized coating has various advantages over other surface coating methods, and the increasing volume of business with the knowledge of both the user and the manufacturers has enabled us to reach our modern facility.

We continuously monitor the developments in technology and the developments in the galvanization sector which are renewing itself day by day and direct our methods in line with these developments. As a company, we continuously improve ourselves, analyze customer wishes / expectations and move in this direction, and in an increasing competitive environment, "ÇALIŞKAN GALVANİZ" knows how important concepts such as speed, cost and quality are. has.We continue our efforts and searches to provide better, quality, fast and affordable costs to our valued customers.
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